Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Reports

Date: 20 January 2020

No sooner have HR, payroll and Financial departments of designated employers finished with the submissions of their annual Employment Equity report, is it time to turn our attention to Workplace Skills Plans for and Annual Training Report submissions to the SETA’s. As always, the deadline, 30th of April, may seem to give you plenty of time to get your plans and training information up to date, but we all know how quickly these things come upon us.

Starting to Prepare

Soon the SETA’s will send out notifications confirming that the Skills Portals have been opened and at that stage, you can be ready to populate your reports. First, check the website to get any updated reporting templates that may have been published. This will help you focus your information in the correct way. Primary and Secondary SDF’s can go ahead and update their passwords for the systems to get the process started. If you are not capturing your training regularly directly onto your payroll, begin gathering this information together and capturing all of the training that you have done for the period either into the payroll or onto the SETA reporting template.

Managers and supervisors are vital in the identification of training for their teams. Meetings for skills development should be done at least every 3 months. Managers and supervisors should have options for their their teams ready to provide to HR and Finance to process and budget for the up-coming years Workplace Skills Plans!

Reporting Periods and additional information

merSETA traditionally opens their system on the 1st of February of each year. Some of the other systems like MICT Seta, FP&M Seta, W&R Seta and TETA may open during the month of January.  Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 on merSETA’s NSDMS to receive updated documentation, revised Sector plan, change details of, or appoint a new SDF’s and register as a user. The NSDMS is populated with all the information you need to get your report submitted correctly and in time. The 2017 OFO (Organising Framework for Occupations) are still applicable in 2020.

Recognition Agreements

Please note that where a recognition agreement exists within your company and a trade union, you will be required to appoint a Trade Union SDF who will also sign off on the submission. The Union SDF will have their own access on the NSDMS and therefore must have their own unique email for login purposes. The same applies for company’s who have 50 or more employees even if there is no recognition agreement in place.

Ask a KZNEIA for more Infomormation on how to submit your WSP / ATR