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To facilitate and steer policies and legislation which ensure both regional and national economic and business success.



Identify and facilitate all negotiation processes as an opportunity to build relationships, achieving settlement and ensuring agreements are adhered to.


KZNEIA values diversity and acknowledges the importance of aspects of business environments. KZNEIA sits at the heart of conflict resolution.

What our members are saying


We use you guys [KZNEIA] for all sorts of things

- Keeping up to date on our industry
- Developments in our sector and the MEIBC
- You keep us informed and up to date on all labour legislation that concerns us.
- We use you for all our Employment Equity from A to Z. Without you it would be a non-starter.
- You assist us with writing company policies.
- Both of you and especially Kylie assist us with all the legal ramifications of labour law and your selected partners help us resolving labour disputes both internal and external.

I am sure there is more.

You guys rock, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Ian Durban


We have experienced the many benefits that KZNEIA have to offer.

Within the last year we encountered many conflict situations which, with the assistance KZNEIA partners, have been settled. In addition, KZNEIA has assisted us with Employment Equity, Skills Development and free IMPACT sessions (mini-workshops). We are pleased to have been members of KZNEIA for many years.



Your assistance regarding that [UIF] was excellent.

Hettie Richards Bay


I have had the opportunity to work with Andrea [KZNEIA] on several projects for our company, including most recently our Employment Equity Programme.

We have been consistently impressed with her diligence, efficiency and ability to get things done.

She has done her utmost to learn everything about our business products and programmes to assist us in the best way possible , and has provided leadership in getting our Equity programme off the ground.

I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Lara Pinetown


As a small business owner, it has been an absolute privilege to work with KZNEIA.

They have been able to simplify complicated matters and to get things done.

From Staff Contracts to Covid files, KZNEIA is my go to with any questions regarding HR. They are a trusted partner in my business.

Patricia Westville


KZNEIA has been assisting with our merSETA applications for the last couple of years and we are very satisfied with their services.

Highly recommended to anyone who needs assistance with this.

Thelma South Coast

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