KZNEIA Member Benefits

We have developed many strategic relationships with local and regional business and government structures. These relationships are available to assist member companies make meaningful contact points with these entities.
Our meetings and forums give you, the member, an opportunity to keep up to date and to have a voice in the industry.
Specific products and services:

  1. Policy and Advocacy
  2. Industry Wage Negotiations
  3. Representation at National MEIBC Structures
  4. Representation at Regional MEIBC Structures
  5. Assistance on other Bargaining Council and Collective Structures
  6. Representation at MIBFA
  7. Representation at CDR
  8. Industrial Relations
  9. Chairing of Disciplinary Enquires
  10. Health and Safety
  11. Skills Development
  12. Public Training Programmes
  13. In-house Training Programmes
  14. Newsletter and other forms of Communication
  15. Telephonic support

Members receive 6 seats at our IMPACT sessions FREE. Thereafter attendance is at a small fee.

Policy and Advocacy: KZNEIA is a recognized voice in public comment and debate in the region. We ensure that the interests of our members are lobbied in all Policy and Advocacy forums.

Federation to SEIFSA: Through this federation we are able to have a voice on all relevant structures at the highest possible levels. This includes representation at NEDLAC, DTi, merSETA etc.

Representation at National MEIBC Structures: We hold seats on the National Council where we work/lobby on behalf of our members on national issues.

Representation at Regional MEIBC Structures: We have 3 seats on the Regional Council. We will represent and fight for you on Regional issues such as exemption applications, compliance matters etc.

Representation at MIBFA: We sit on the Board of Trustees for MIBFA where we protect the interests of Employers in relation to the fund and are able to open doors where constraints in dealing with MIBFA occur.

Representation at CDR: As a registered and recognized Employer Association we are able to represent your interests at dispute resolution without any jurisdictional issues.

Industrial Relations: Members enjoy significant free telephonic support. If the KZNEIA team is not immediately contactable, the SEIFSA IR Team is a back-up. Direct engagement will attract the relevant fee.

Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings: At a reasonable fee our team of IR Alliance Partners are experienced, unbiased chairs for your internal disciplinary enquiries.

Human Capital: Our Association Partners are able to provide support for your Human Resource and Development needs. This can be on an hourly basis or on retainer.

Selection and Recruitment: In-house solutions are offered on an hourly or project basis. Our Partners are also able to offer outsourced services including head-hunting.

Health and Safety: Our H&S Alliance partner is able to conduct H&S Assessments and conduct recognized training for all your H&S needs.

Skills Development: You Skills Development needs can be dealt with by our Skills Development Alliance partner who will charge a reasonable fee for effective service. We also hold 4 seats on the Regional merSETA structures and have a national presence via SEIFSA.

Public Training: We have a comprehensive list of training workshops available to members as discounted rates. Courses are offered to members at discounted rates.

In-house Training: These workshops are extremely cost efficient as we are able to minimize venue hire costs etc. Call or email for a quote.

Newsletter and Communication: We keep our members updated on issues of relevance and importance via various communication platforms such as regular Newsletters and Quick Briefs as well as interesting articles and announcement on our Facebook page. Members also receive regular communication from SEIFSA, including the SEIFSA news. All of these mechanisms are aimed at keeping you, the member, informed.

Telephonic Support: Telephonic support is free to our members. Call 082 563 0574 or email: . As KZNEIA is federated to SEIFSA, Metal and Engineering members are also able to receive telephonic support from SEIFSA directly (011)298 9400.