Update on TERS applications and the MEIBC or not?

Category: BCEA
Date: 6 Apr 2020

There have been no developments with regards TERS since last week. The only matter is whether the MEIBC will be an additional portal to use.

However, companies need to ensure all documentation is complete and fill in the MOA. TERS guidelines have already confirmed that companies must apply directly, or where there is a provision to go through a Bargaining Council, they may do so. There is confusion created by the automated response when Employers email claims documents as the message does refer to Bargaining Councils.

However, currently the MEIBC has not got an MOA in place with DoEL.

At this stage the only options for companies are:

  1. Complete the relevant documentation [this will be necessary irrespective of whether the claim goes directly to UIF or through the Bargaining Council]
  2. The MOA is also standard, complete the MOA [we suggest the altered one for a company at this stage – if this changes, the relatively small amount of information can be copied and pasted]
  3. Send the MOA to Covid19ters@LABOUR.gov
  4. You will receive an automated response, keep this as proof of submission

There are some concerns: The MEIBC has significantly reduced resources and a project such as this will stretch those resources even further. We do however understand that the DoEL is concerned with the opportunity for companies to double dip, this is why they are suggesting going through a Bargaining Council where applicable. However, this process is still not in place and has not been finalised with the MEIBC.

All templates are on the KZNEIA web-site: www.kzneia.co.za. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require additional assistance.

We will ensure any communication received in this regard is circulated immediately.

Kind regards

Kylie Griffin

Executive Director

Kwa Zulu Natal Engineering Industries Association (KZNEIA)

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