These are not unprecedented times

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Date: 7 April 2020

Yesterday (day 11) was “hump day” of our 21-day lock down we are starting to look at the downward slope towards the end of the quarantine period. Many questions remain unanswered and while some speculate that the lockdown may be extended, we must proceed with the intention of returning to work until such time as we hear differently.

Health Minister Mkhize said at a press conference on 31 March, “It will not be business as usual” when we do return to our places of work. Have you begun to think about how your business will continue to protect the health of your employees once they return to work, both physically and emotionally and with the understanding that things will be slow to come back online? And if the lockdown continues, what are your plans for the next 6 months to a year?

With all of the bigger questions left unanswered, what can you do in the meanwhile to ready yourself for the new normal?

Here’s what business tools you have at your disposal and should focus on in the immediate future:

  1. UIF – Unemployment Fund

Covid-19 temporary employee relief scheme will provide funds to companies which are unable to pay the full salaries of workers who have permanently been laid off or sent home temporarily due to Covid-19 and the shutdown. Claims can be submitted online.

  1. Temporary Employee Relief Scheme (TERS)

Employer/s that have to enforce lockdown as regulated and who might require financial assistance from the UIF should access information regarding available funding through a dedicated:

  1. SMME Debt Relief Scheme

Details regaring this intervention measure for the support of SMME’s affected by the Covid-19 disaster

  1. ESSA

To assist workers who become unemployed as a result of the lockdown and any closure of business, the DoEL offers a free-online service where you can register as a work seeker.

  1. Compensation Fund

An extension has been made to include COVID-1( as workplace disease for which claims can be submitted

Important reminders

TERS Applications: The MEIBC has not got an MOA in place with DoEL – KZNEIA will advise as soon as there is more information. Should employers choose to go the TERS / UIF route, KZNEIA has already engaged with the DoEL and is progressing applications. For assistance email: Andrea Wheatley

Workplace Skills plans and Annual training reports for merSETA, MICT and many others have been extended until 31 May 2020.

Implementation of the South African POPI Act delayed.

Return of earnings (ROE) due 31 May 2020


Inspiration and motivation

Free online courses are being offered for those interested in developing skills.

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