One small step for Man(agement), one giant leap for Mankind

Date: 1 October 2018

Organisations launched under this fourth Industrial revolution have generally embraced a new era of participative management practices possibly driven by millennium inspired philosophies. Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft are some of the better known names but there are scores more that come from a diverse range of industries, including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and services. The big difference in approach seems to come from a shift from the “Divide and Rule” Management Labour Philosophy and Practice to that of “Unify and Prosper” in a Labour friendly (for all) environment. Superior Business performance is the noticeable factor that sets these organisations apart from their more traditional contemporaries. In our ever-changing fast-paced world of today, invariably ten employees’ Ideas are better than one employee’s knowledge and as such the “collective brain” is a valuable resource. Alas most of our traditional Organisations still subscribe to the “one giant leap” approach to change and resist change as the challenge is often just too daunting. However organisations that have adopted a Continuous Improvement “series of progressive small steps” approach have shown great success in making such change. I suppose we should not dwell on whether something is possible or not, as no matter what you decide, you are likely to be right anyway.

The Rich get richer and the Poor get richer as well.

Compared to conditions at the start of Industrialisation, the world has moved on enormously, in particular the education level of Labour. The educators have been very busy for the past 150 years as have the learners. It makes no sense at all for Organisations in this day and age, to employ Labour that has significant potential to contribute to the well-being of a value chain and then not provide adequate structures and systems to engage with them. It is quite logical for Blue Collar Labour to seek recognition in remuneration and perks in the absence of any other engagement structures and systems. This great rift can impact on the value adding potential in any value stream to the detriment of all.

Any nation, community, family, or individual can only be as wealthy as the value it adds, in excess of its consumption, which it invests to work for it. There is nothing new in this principle, what is needed is for White Collar Labour to open the “Improvement Door” and invite the Blue Collar Labour in, to be treated with the same dignity.

We seem to have lost our way, for a century or so, from the guidance the Knights of Labour gave us way back in the latter 1800’s, that being the “public spirited, social and cultural uplifting of all”, through uniting in the pursuit of creating the greatest wealth possible.

I will leave it for you to decide if “an injury to one” has indeed been “an injury to all”.