2020 WSP / ATR Submissions Deadlines

Date: 23 Apr 2019

Call to all SDF’s who have not yet completed their WSP / ATR submission for 2019 / 2020: 7 days to go before the deadline but there is still time for you to submit. The merSETA NSDMS (Skills development portal) has beaten most of the bugs in the system from last year making this year’s submission a lot more user-friendly than last year. merSETA have not only added many helpful guides onto their system to facilitate the submissions, but have also been assisting clients all over the country with workshops at many of the merSETA offices as well as in KZN, they have been assisting with public workshops on some of the client site. The system has a build-in bug reporting system where you can log any problems you may be experiencing which means there is log of all the issues which you may encounter which gives you a “paper” trail to refer back to. Client Liaison officers are available via email and cell and the contact centres are also assisting with calls relating to the submission.

For larger companies, the use of the .csv files adds an added function which facilitates the bulk upload functionality on the system and it’s recommended that SDF’s make use of these bulk uploads. While there is a lot of time required to set up the preparation of the .csv files they prove to be easier than the manual capturing options. Sadly when capturing the WSP / ATR employee information is not pulling through from the Employee lists which mean a significant amount of double capturing. Some of the date functionality requires system re-work as when capturing dates in the fields pertaining to the dates of training, the system does not update or pull through to the number of days trained field meaning that you SDF’s have to use the calendar function to manually click to the specific dates in order for the days to pull through. If the training was in your ATR period for last year, this can mean some cumbersome clicking which is something that the merSETA can perhaps address before the next grant submission year. Carefully prepared .csv files can save you a lot of time in that the days will automatically pull through and update. For those smaller companies with fewer employees, its perhaps just as easy to manually capture the information to avoid .csv file frustrations.

For companies which fall under other SETA’s, the systems remain the same as last year and so SDF’s who are familiar with the systems should find no additional head-aches this year. Although the WSP / ATR process does tend to be “bitty” and sometimes systems errors do occur which can slow you down while you wait for emails from the CLO or try to contact them telephonically. Remember to check if your SETA needs your original banking details if this is your first submission as not all of them do require them. However if they do need them, they will need to be with the SETA no later than 30th of April 2019.

Companies still requiring assistance with their WSP / ATR submissions can contact KZNEIA for assistance.