Why KZNEIA is your Employer Association of choice

Category: General
Date: 5 Aug 2019

Are you equipped to negotiate?

It is difficult to believe that employers who are party to the Metal and Engineering Industries Main Agreement are already thinking ahead regarding preparation for the next round of wage negotiations. Time flies when you are having fun and as always the terrain of this specific industry is never without its hills and dongas, which as employers, you are all too familiar with. While it seems that government is generally taking a more lenient approach in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment and other sectoral determinations, in that the message that they are broadcasting is one of co-operation with employers, assisting those unable to meet legislative requirements such as the national minimum wage, to reach a desirable outcome which doesn’t result in job losses or closing of businesses as a result of hefty fines, the same doesn’t appear to be trued in the Metal and Engineering industry.

With South Africa experiencing a new high of 29% unemployment (and for those under the age of 25 the number is a staggering 56%)  it is prudent that Government, Employers and Employees do everything possible to avoid adding to the unemployment pool and keep doors open. However it may seem that in collective bargaining circles, the demands on employers continue to become more costly, to the point that business may no longer wish to remain a party to collective agreements and step outside of the circle of protection offered to them by their Employers Association.

How the Employer Association protects your business

Collective bargaining affects large and small companies in different ways. While larger companies can afford the costs associated with  having an Employer Association negotiate on their behalf and advocate for them, smaller companies may find it difficult to keep up with the demands placed on them through the collective and for purely financial reasons, choose to go it alone.

Employer Associations are not merely a prophylactic against a barrage of employee demands. They are also a shield which defends the rights of the employer by fighting on their behalf at national levels on national structures, meaning that the Employer is represented at the highest level and that their opinion is heard. Without an Employer Association, employers are forced to negotiate directly with their unions and field off their (sometime incredulous) demands, face to face. If as an employer you do not have the legislative know-how and high-level negotiating skills to deal with the demands brandished by the trade unions, then this can leave your company vulnerable to say the least.

Wage Negotiations

In the collective bargaining arena KZNEIA offers you protection in wage negotiations, as well as negotiating working conditions, the rights of the worker, parental leave and negotiates on your behalf while also facilitating with mediation, arbitration and all types of strike or lock-out action. At the point in time where issues flare out of your control and you are faced with lose-lose decisions, your employer association is there to step in. Get protected and become a member of KZNEIA to advocate on your behalf.

Become a KZNEIA Member 

  • KZNEIA continues to represent members at all applicable forums
    • Retain a seat at National Forums
    • Retain 3 seats at Regional Forums
    • Have 2 Trustees on the Board of MIBFA
    • Retain 4 seats on Regional merSETA forums
  • A network of Association Partner has been developed each of whom have the highest skills and expertise in their field
  • Products and Services have been developed to allow us to offer you a one-stop-shop service