Retirement Reforms 03/2016

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Date: 2 Jun 2016

Good Day All, Please remember that our Association meeting in next week: Thursday 11 February, 15:00 at Augusta, Hillcrest.  Most companies are back up and running, getting down to serious business. Momentum for the new KZNEAIA is gathering speed, but the level of service and support given to you, the member, needs to be set with your input.

The best leader is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and the self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it Theodore Rooseveldt

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Proposal for a new NSDS and SETA landscape

KZNEIA has been instrumental in assisting with the formulation of a submissions from DCCI and SEIFSA. Our input is recorded and our endorsement is registered. Generally, whilst there are areas of improvement suggested and which we have agreed with, the new structure porposed to be set up and managed by DHET, has been rejected. Copies of the submissions are available, please email your request to Kylie Griffin on :

Retirement Reforms

This remains a hot topic with all levels of employee. Please check that you have read the article in the last brief and the numerous articles on the facebook page. Below is a communication specifically on the impact of the Retirement Tax Reforms on the MIBFA Pension (EIPF) and Provident (MIPF) funds. We await the outcome of the NEDLAC meeting scheduled for 11 February to see if NUMSA and/or COSATU are given permission to embark on Industrial Action as per their applications.

SEIFSA Board and Council

Ian Delport attended this on behalf of KZNEIA. Important items discussed included imforming the Board of developments within KZNEIA and our strategy.
New constitution *****

Manuf Promotion programme

NERS****. SEIFA has also made a submission on behalf of our industry at a National level. In princ******  ***now await the outcome of the final hearings and

Coming up……
Date Time Event Venue Comment

10 Feb

07:30 KZNEIA Executive Duys Engineering Executive Team

11 Feb

15:00 KZNEIA Association Meeting Augusta, Hillcrest All members to attend

23 Feb

09:00 MIBFA Board of Trustees meeting Southern Sun ORT Kylie Griffin to attend obo KZNEIA

23 Feb

10:00 MEIBC FACOM MEIBC National Office TBA
Wednesday 24 Feb 10:00 MEIBC STANCO MEIBC National Office Kylie Griffin to attend obo KZNEIA

03 May

08:30 – 10:30 Manufacturing Promotion

Supplier Agreements

DCCI All members welcom



Note: Feedback from all events will be given to members at the meeting on Thursday 11 February 2016 as well as an update on developments with regards KZNEIA and the move to greater independence and autonomy.


Members are urged to make an effort to be at this meeting in order to engage and ensure the Association if working for you.