KZNEIA Services

Category: General
Date: 30 August 2018

KZNEIA represents employers in disputes, strikes, disciplinarians, grievances and within all collective bargaining structures. However KZNEIA has accredited mediators on has we believe that conflict is not unavoidable and values progressive and robust discussions and engagements with employees with the view of finding workable solutions whenever possible.

 As members of KZNEIA employers do not have to wait until conflict erupts within the organisation before contacting us. The organisation has specialists in all areas of Human Resources, Labour Relations, Employment Equity, Skills Development, Training and Organisational Development who are available to assist your business to be both compliant as well pro-active with the goal of avoiding workplace disputes which can be expensive and have been known to even close businesses down.

 KZNEIA has a bouquet of services suitable with which we can partner you in your business, to enable stability and growth for all.