Financial relief efforts for businesses – a work in progress

Category: General
Date: 2 Apr 2020

Novelty has worn off and reality settling in. we have had some ominous warnings of anticipated hike in the number of cases, and with this is the massive concern of a similar hike in the death rate. We do send hope and prayers to those who are infected and affected by this pandemic – that is almost all of us.

They say that we need to stop focusing on the negatives [like the infection and death rates] and find the positives to keep our morale up. So, recoveries are good and whilst it is anticipate that 60% to 70% will be infected, for most of us symptoms will be mild to moderate. There is life after COVID-19. There is life after lockdown. Whilst our new normal will be very different, we do have opportunity to plan for it now.

At the moment the only constant is change. Those trying to apply for the various grants, especially TERS, the rules are changing almost daily. And, unfortunately they will change again. Any information given now may be different tomorrow, but we do need to continue to pursue the opportunities being given to us and get as much assistance as we can.

The KZNEIA Team is constantly following up on questions and problems being experienced by companies. if you are experiencing problems, drop us a mail or call 082 563 0574.

For now, focus on your TERS application. Let us know if you need help. Also check our web-site: for forms and information.

Kylie Griffin

Executive Director

Kwa Zulu Natal Engineering Industries Association (KZNEIA)